Totally Spies
Full Name Alexandra
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Age 22
Alignment Good
Status Alive
Game Info

Biography Edit

Alexandra is a main character in the "Totally Spies!" series.

She is Caitlin's rival. Alex's counterpart is Alice, from the previous WOOHP spy team. She wears a golden yellow Catsuit on her WOOHP missions. In "Game Girls", Alex also wore a blue/silver catsuit. In Season 1-2, Alex was voiced by Katie Leigh, best known for being Connie Kendall from Focus on the Family's long-time radio series "Adventures in Odyssey". Thereafter, she was voiced by Katie Griffin, famous for being the English dub voice for Sailor Mars from the anime series "Sailor Moon" .

She went to Beverly Hills High, then Malibu University for college.

Personality Edit

Alex is an odd mixture between a tomboy and a girly girl, she is the most athletic and fitness-minded spy of the team. She loves to play sports, especially soccer, video games, and is always trying out some new fad diet.

Alex is also the most naive and absent-minded. She interprets some figures of speech literally.

Alex is also the youngest and most childish, seeing as her oldest and dearest friend is a stuffed turtle named Ollie and she has a teddy bear backpack. She is often seen as the little sister of the group, as Sam and Clover are the two big sisters who dominate over her. Another characteristic of Alex is that she's always about keeping her friends happy. She often serves as a link between Clover and Sam who have meaningless squabbles ("Abductions"). Alex is also a big animal lover and she likes petting zoos which is seen in "Mime World (Jazz Hands Return - Part 3)".

Despite being the most athletic, she tends to be clumsy, and has been prone to bad luck (Alex can be very superstitious). Alex is also the second girliest. She is very concerned about fashion and boys, to the same extremes as Clover; an obsession that Sam has trouble understanding.

Another one of Alex's hobbies is eating. Even though she may be the most healthy of the three spies, she likes to eat the most. In "Evil Valentine's Day", we see that she has a dream about candy. In the beginning part of the B-story in "The New Jerry" and the ending of "Animal World", we see her eating nonstop. During the 1st and 2nd seasons of Totally Spies, Alex was referred to (and shown) as a bad driver (Clover made a comment at one point in Season 5 indicating that it took more than three tries for Alex to get her driver's license), but in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5, she was the one normally behind the wheel (indicating that her driving skills had improved).

Physical Appearance Edit

Alex is a beautiful girl with short black hair in a curly bob cut and light brown eyes. Her skin tone is brown. She has African and European ancestry and is proven to be 1/2 African in "Alex Gets Schooled", as her father is shown to be Caucasian and her mother appears to be African/Hispanic. Her father later appears with the same tan complexion as her in Season 6.

Alex has a taste for Chinese-themed outfits and her favorite food is Chinese food (wontons, apparently). Alex has the broadest variety of clothing out of the group. Usually she dresses trendy like Clover, or preppy and elegant like Sam, or a sportier type of outfit. She usually wears heels or flats, but often she wears sneakers. She's also shown to like wearing Giant Panda pajamas. She is the only one of the 3 whose bathing suits seen are all bikinis. In "The Getaway" and "Alex Gets Schooled", she is wearing a yellow bikini with a yellow pair of shorts. In "The Eraser", she is wearing a green bikini with a skirt. She is wearing another yellow bikini in "Super Nerd Much?" which is similar to the green bikini she wore in "Eraser". In "A Spy is Born I" it's revealed that Alex is the shortest member in the group, but in "Escape From WOOHP Island" she's taller than Sam, Clover, and Britney. In "Ho-ho-ho-no!" both she and Clover are taller than Sam.

In Season 1, her primary outfit was a lime green sleeveless top, lilac pink skirt, and tan boots. In "Stuck in the Middle Ages with You" the color of her primary outfit becomes yellow and purple and has three heart design at the front of her sleeveless top. In "Malled" her primary outfit becomes a lighter shades of green as her lime green sleeveless top changed to pale green, her skirt changed to sea green and her tan boots changed to blue green.

In Season 6's two-part finale “So Totally Versailles!” Alex wears her disguised form is a golden yellow and white long sleeved dress as her hair and face transformed into a classic styled look as her hair is extended to a French bun style.

Friends Edit

Clover Edit

Clover is one of Alex's best friends. Alex often mediates when Sam and Clover have disagreements.

Samantha Edit

Sam is one of Alex's best friends. Sam often fixes Alex's mistakes. She is protective as well.

Jerry Lewis Edit

Being the founder of WOOHP is Alex's boss. Like with the other spies, Alex and Jerry seem very close.

Britney Edit

Britney is Alex´s friendly rival. Because Britney is so perfect in her spy activities, Alex initially thought she was going to lose her place on the spy team to her. However, she gradually learns that Britney harbors no such ambitions. Britney admires Alex as a role model and wants to be friends with her.

Blaine Edit

In the episode "Another Evil Boyfriend", Sam and Alex find out that Blaine, Clover's perfect boyfriend, is evil and is trying to assassinate them, Jerry tells them in the end that Blaine misunderstood that Clover was an evil spy.

Martin Mystery Edit

Alex meets Martin during the episode "Totally Mystery Much?". She and Martin share a common interest in popular culture trends. Because of this despite him having an interest in Clover when they first met, by the end it was quite clear that he lost all interest in her and seemed to be attracted to Alex.

Enemies Edit

Mandy Edit

These two are also rivals, but it is not that big of a rivalry. However, the rivalry between Mandy and Alex can be very pronounced.

Caitlin Edit

Caitlin is Alex's rival, although Alex has very little interaction with either of Mandy's two best friends. The majority of her interaction with Caitlin only happens when Mandy is present. The most interaction Alex ever had with Caitlin was in the Season 4 finale, "Totally Busted".

Dominique Edit

Dominique is Sam's rival, although Alex has very little interaction with either of Mandy's two best friends. The majority of her interaction with Dominique only happens when Mandy is present. The most interaction Alex ever had with Dominique was in the Season 4 finale, "Totally Busted".

Mindy Edit

Whenever she made an appearance in Season 5, she was always with Mandy, and she annoys the spies generally the same way her cousin does, as Mindy's essentially just a blonde clone of Mandy.

Romantic interests Edit

When it comes to what she likes in a boy, Alex is not that picky, unlike Clover who likes muscled, nice, smart, and (according to the episode where she found a Love Computer), a name that starts with the letter "T". Like Sam and Clover, she has been selected to be a villain's queen, but only once so far.

Barry Edit

In "Evil Ice Cream Man Much?", Alex wanted to go to the school dance with him. Though he refused at first, he asked her to dance at the end of the episode.

Brad Edit

In "Arnold The Great", Alex went on a date with him after he came to get his lost puppy.

Dean Edit

In the Season 3 finale "Evil Promotion Much?" Alex has a crush on WOOHP agent Dean. It is alluded that he might have feelings for her due to him saving her twice during the super spy training. Like Clover and Sam, Alex still holds romantic interest in Dean even into season 5.

Ian Flemish Edit

In "I Want My Mummy" she had a crush on him.

Martin Mystery Edit

In "Totally Mystery Much?" she and Martin share an interest in sci-fi pop culture and video games.

Max Exterminus Edit

Alex does not necessarily fall in love with him, but he seems attracted to her. He chooses her as his "insect queen" (meaning his co-regent and his spouse) in his world domination scheme, after overhearing her recite a poem about venom originally intended for Seth, believing that she reminds him of the black widow spider, whom he describes as the "queen of all insects" (although Max doesn’t realize that the black widow is really an arachnid and not an insect). Unfortunately for Max, Alex rejects him by stating that she is not his "queen" and that if she were him, she would think about admitting his defeat in the spies foiling his scheme, as they were visiting his headquarters to figure out why he would need military secrets and genetic code modification knowledge to take over the world. Her transformation is an incomplete one and, unfortunately for Max, it is reversed before any more insect DNA can be injected in order to complete her transformation.

When interacting with Alex, Max was very affectionate with her for the most part, and he even called her "perfect", but she still unfortunately rejected him, having been forced into the role of his insect queen rather than wooed and charmed into the role. He also did not address Alex by her name (which is most likely because he didn't ask what her name was), and instead only addressed her as "my [his] queen", which led to Alex rejecting him.

Raymond Edit

Seen in "The Incredible Bulk". She meets him at the new gym the girls go to and gains a crush on him. Although initially attracted to her, Raymond breaks up with Alex once she becomes super bulky due to ingesting the Bulky Bar. He says he cannot be with a girl who is more "ripped" than he is leaving Alex furious.

Seth Edit

Seen in "Creepy Crawly Much?". He is a follower of the Goth culture.

Troy Bayou and Steve Edit

It is revealed in "Game Girls" Alex has a crush on Troy from the show "Troy's Bayou." By the end of the episode, she finds out Troy is not real at all, but actually computer generated. However, she then ends up meeting the creator of Troy, Steve. The show "Troy Bayou" (it is spelled without the apostrophe "s" on the television the girls are watching) is also seen briefly at the end of "Man or Machine".

Virgil Edit

As of the episode "Zero to Hero" she might be going out with Virgil because at the end of the episode she says, "If I didn't like you for who you are, Virgil, I wouldn't be going out with you in the first place".

Cheston and Durlock Edit

In the episode "The Dusk of Dawn", Alex initially cannot decide which movie character she likes better (Team Cheston or Team Durlock), but on her 13th viewing, she sides with Cheston. When the two characters reach the real world, she falls in love with Cheston, but is kidnapped by Durlock. After Durlock is defeated, she tells Cheston that they can't fall in love with each other due to living in different worlds. Cheston seems to have feelings towards her, this is further shown in the end of the episode when Alex wears his blue peasant clothes while watching his movie and he admits he likes her when he says "My shirt has been stolen by the same lovely creature who stole my heart".

Trivia Edit

  • Counterpart
    • Alice -- Alexandra
      • Color on Edison’s catsuit -- Golden Yellow
      • Eye color -- Green (Alice) / Brown (Alex)
      • Hair color -- Black
      • Hair length -- long (Alice) / short (Alex)
  • Alex's grade history.
    • In "The New Jerry" her grades have gone down.
    • In "Alex Quits" she must complete an extra credit assignment to pass one of her classes.
    • In “Alex Gets Schooled” she gets A's and B's.
    • In “Evil Graduation” she graduates from Beverly Hills High.
  • Alex can do the following:
    • Bicycling ("Virtual Stranger")
    • Karate ("Escape From WOOHP Island")
    • Skateboard ("Scam Camp Much?", "Miss Spirit Fingers (Jazz Hands Return - Part 2)")
    • Snowboard ("Ski Trip", "Totally Busted", "Totally Mystery Much?")
    • Soccer ("Spy Soccer", "Morphing Is Sooo 1987")
    • Taekwondo ("Physics 101 Much?")
  • Alex's 3 S's ("The Show Must Go On... Or Else")
    • Sand ("The Show Must Go On... Or Else")
    • Sun ("The Show Must Go On... Or Else")
    • Surf ("The Show Must Go On... Or Else")
  • Alex's favorite foods:
    • In "Scam Camp Much?" Alex says her favorite foods are Chinese cuisine and Asian cuisine.
    • In "The Suavest Spy", it is revealed Alex's favorite type of muffin is all natural bran.
  • Appearances of the fathers of the main characters.
    • Alexandra -- “Alex Gets Schooled”, “Evil Ice Skater”
    • Samantha -- “The Wedding Crasher”
  • Only villain (so far) that has chosen Alex to be his queen.
  • Alexandra is transformed by a villain.
    • "Alex Gets Schooled"
    • "Creepy Crawly Much?"
    • "Nine Lives"
  • Alex is the only character of the main group whose parents' house has not been shown in the series.
  • She's also the only character of the main three whose name was used in episode titles(Alex Quits, Alex Gets Schooled)
  • In "Evil Valentine's Day" and "Evil Shoe Designer", it is shown that Alex does not speak French.
  • In "Evil Valentine's Day", it is shown Alex sucks her thumb while sleeping.
  • In "Halloween ", it is shown Alex is just as immature about sweets and trick or treating as Chucky is. This episode also reveals Alex is very good at getting a long with children.
  • In "Forward to the Past" Alex reveals that she did not know how the pre-inline skates were designed.
  • In "Aliens", it is revealed that she is a Virgo. However, in "Astro-Not", she says she is a Pisces.
  • In "Alex Gets Schooled" she reveals that she won a gold medal for the Beverly Hills High swim team 3 years in a row.
  • In "Wild Style", it's revealed that she is allergic to cats when Clover's turned into a cat-human hybrid.
    • However, she does not have any allergic reaction to Sigmund Smith's cat in "Evil Mascot".
    • She also does not have any allergic reaction to cats in "Nine Lives" where she is turned into a cat girl.
  • It is revealed in "The Yuck Factor" that Alex is somewhat squeamish and is against dissection.
  • In "I Hate The Eighties" it is revealed that Alex can speak the Spanish language (also called Castilian).
  • In "A Thing For Musicians", it is shown that Alex can play the drums.
  • Of the 3, Alex has been kidnapped, transformed, and/or brainwashed the least.
  • In "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands", her favorite boy band is Boy Candy and in "Evil Hotel" her favorite singer and actor is T-Bone.
  • In "Alex Gets Schooled", Sam says Alex takes a shower at exactly 7:13 AM every morning.
  • She works with Clover and Sam at the Mali-U Cafe at Malibu University.
  • In "W.O.W.", it is revealed that the seniors used to stuff Alex behind the soda machine as a prank.
  • In "Zero to Hero", it is revealed Alex that is allergic to kelp while on a date with Virgil.
  • In "Totally Spies! The Movie", it is revealed Alex has a soft spot for animals.
  • In "0067", it is revealed that Alex hates people littering. 
  • In "The Anti-Social Network", Alex revealed that she wants to be a veterinarian or in animal physiology.
  • Alex is really scared of ducks but she hides it from her friends.
  • Alex is the youngest in birth order (Sam-Clover-Alex).

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