Personal Information
Race Dog/Human/Anteater Mix
Gender ♂ Male
Age 12 (in Dog/Anteater/Human years)
Height 8'0"
Weight 592 lbs.
Likes Playing Drums, Winning, Food, Ninjas, Solved Problems, Rough Housing, Pizza
Dislikes Getting hurt
Occupation Detective

Alfe is the strong and "powerhouse" of the Problem Solverz Team. He is one of the main protagonists.


Alfe is a giant human/dog/anteater mix creature. He was founded by Horace in a strange cave. He later gained the ability to speak and had his intellegents increaced (not saying much). He and his friends Horace and Roba are the founders and members of the 'Problem Solverz'. He is the muscle and power of the team. He also has the ability to grow and change his height and width.

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