The Bagge Farmhouse is the home of Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. In a Fishy Business they have a pet fish. It appears in nearly every episode, and is the setting for much of the horror that goes on and in, which ironically gets destroyed, bombarded and squashed often whenever a horrific event occurs. It seems to be a 2 bedroom, 2 bath place, which also includes a living room, kitchen, dining room, attic (computer room), a dirt-floor cellar, and possibly some other unused places. There are also two wood-burning furnaces, one in the basement, and one which sometimes appears in the living room.

One of the more notable objects outside the home is the windmill, which can be frequently seen. As seen in "Windmill Vandals", there is a curse on it in which four vandals are set loose if the blades stop turning. This eventually happens, due to it breaking, but is later fixed, stopping the vandals.

As seen in "King Ramses' Curse", the house is next to a road. There is also a water pump and a chicken-coop outside. In episodes such as "The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space" and "Little Muriel", there is a barn outside.

In the episode "Everyone Wants to Direct", it was said that the Bagge Farmhouse was built over a cemetery and Courage found out that Errol Von Volkheim was buried under the Farmhouse.

Trivia Edit

  • The living room of the house seems to change from episode to episode; in one scene there was a fireplace, then a closet with a blue couch, and in the next it is just a wall with a rectangular picture frame on it.
  • Much like Eustace and Muriel, the farmhouse always appears to regenerate from its destruction from the previous episode in the next.

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