CN Real is a programming block that began June 17, 2009 during the Nood Era. It aired reality shows such as The Othersiders, Bobb'e Says, Dude, What Would Happen?, Brain Rush, Survive This, and Destroy, Build, Destroy. This entire block recived much critism among critcs and fans alike. Stating that "Cartoon Network must be REALLY desperate for viewers if their stuping to this level." The program ended in mid 2010, since most of the shows recived horrible ratings and views. After the block was deprogrammed, it some how kept airing Destroy, Build, Destroy, and Dude, What Would Happen. As of today, CN Real has been abolished, but live-action shows (such as Level Up and The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange) are still being broadcast.

Reactions and Controvery

CN Real gained unverisly negative reviews from viewers and critics. Tim Surette, a user of, created a blog about the block with over 230 supporters.[1]

Former Cartoon Network employee and cartoonist Craig McCracken even stated, "It's a little sad. Cartoon Netowork 'had'  something unique..."

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