Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion is a fighting game that was released by Cartoon Network. It features characters from even canceled brodcast and recurring brodcast in the roster. Sadly, the game was poorly recived by critics, stating that the game is "A Super Smash Bros. rip-off".

Characters Edit

Ben Chowder Buttercup Flapjack
107x113px 107x113px 107x113px Flapjack vec 3
Character Type All-Around Character Type All-Around Character Type Technical Punch Time Explosion! Luring Eight
Special Ability Fire Shot Special Ability Green Fire Shot Special Ability Heart Shot Series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Baller Name "The Jumpman" Baller Name "Mushroom Dynamite" Baller Name "3-point Royalty" Weapons Candy Cane, Tickling


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