Coco is a bird-airplane-palm tree friend who can only say (or write) her name at various speeds and different emphases. A talent unique to her is her ability to lay colorful, plastic eggs containing a plethora of objects from customized baseball cards to money, at will. Mac, Bloo, Eduardo, Frankie, Wilt, and others usually understand her when she speaks, and often translate for her (though Wilt once admits that he has no idea what she attempts to convey). Despite her helter-skelter appearance and quirky behavior, she can demonstrate a perceived intelligence, principle and kindness. She is also a skilled musican, which she can play a guitar-like instrument in "House of Bloo's" in the home's music room, the tuba in "My So- Called Wife", and the harp in "Goodbye to Bloo". No one knows who her creator is as she was found on an island by two scientists named Adam and Douglass. She is voiced by Candio Milo.  

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