Harley Quinn
The Batman
[[File:Harley_Quinn_%28The_Batman%29.jpg Quinn (The Batman).jpg|center|235px]]
Full Name Harleen Frances Quinzel
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender ♀ Female
Hair Color      Blonde
Eye Color      Blue
Alignment Bad
Status Alive
Game Info
Voice Actors
English Hynden Walch

Harley Quinn appears in the fourth and fifth seasons of The Batman, again appearing as Joker's henchwoman.

However, here she is reimagined as a television talk show personality that helps people with psychological issues. However, her advice was often flawed and caused more harm than good. After attacking Bruce Wayne based on his multiple romances, her executives finally became fed up with her and cancelled her show.

Joker took advantage of the distraught Harley and manipulated her into believing he was the ultimate answer to her questions about psychology and her desire for romance. Harley fell for Joker and soon dawned an old jester costume, taking up the mantle of Harley Quinn.

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