Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Aw, crud! ~ Hun's repeated line.
[[File:Profile_hun.jpg hun.jpg|center|235px]]
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Color      Blonde
Alignment Bad
Occupation * Leader of the Purple Dragons gang
  • Minion of the Shredder
Status Alive
Game Info

Hun is one of the secondary antagonists in the first three seasons and later one the three main antagonists of season 4 (alongside Karai and Bishop) in 2003 and a minor antagonist in the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series'. He is the leader of the Purple Dragons, the archenemy of Casey Jones, and (in the 2003 version) the right hand of the Utrom Shredder before he was later replaced with Karai following her return. He also appears in the Mirage comics and in IDW Comics in the latter as Arnold Jones' Casey's father.

2003 series Edit

History Edit

Hun started his criminal career in his teen years and became the leader of Purple Dragons. He and a group of Purple Dragons burned down the store of Arnold Jones (Casey's father) after he refused to pay the Purple Dragons protection money. Hun told Casey to tell his father to pay up next time or else. However, Arnold went to the police which made Hun kill him. Sometime later, the Shredder found him and took him as a protege after he realized his potential. At the beginning of the 2003 series, he left his operations to Johnny and Dragon Face while he serves the Shredder. In "Attack of the Mousers", he was sent by the Shredder to bring Dr. Baxter Stockman to the Foot HQ and gave him his punishment by drilling out his left eye. He delivered the Sword of Tengu to Saki in "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and punished two Foot technicians for losing it to the TMNT. Hun was later ordered by the Shredder to team up with Stockman to find info on the Turtles in "The Way of Invisibility". Hun let Raph escape so the Foot Tech ninjas follow him to the other Turtles. The TMNT defeated the ninjas and Baxter Stockman blamed Hun for the failure of the mission. However, Stockman was taken away by two Foot Tech Ninjas. Hun reported to Oroku Saki that based on his interrogation, the Turtles don't know anything about Saki's enemies. Oroku Saki decides that the Turtles may be useful to him when the time is right.

First Battle with the Turtles Edit

In "Fallen Angel", he hosts the Purple Dragons cage match. He knocked out Casey Jones and took him hostage, intending to let the winner of the cage match be the one who gets to kill him for all the trouble he caused for the Dragons. Later he fought the Turtles. In their first fight against him, he actually overpowered them, they were only saved by Casey Jones. Casey later defeats Hun and battle and almost kills him for what he did to his father before Angel stops him. When asked why Angel states that killing Hun would be a big mistake as it would make Casey no better than him.

He later returns in the first part of "The Shredder Strikes." Here, he fights the Turtles all at once and does considerably well despite being outnumbered. He loses after Leo, out of anger after seeing Hun about to kill Raph, kicks him off the roof they were fighting on. Hun is alive but is out of commission during the second part.

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