I say alot of things, now let's move!


—K'nuckles to Flapjack in Skooled

Personal Information
Race Human/Possible Caucasian
Gender ♂ Male
Age 40s
Height 5'3"
Weight 187 lbs.
Hair Color      Black
Eye Color      Brown
Likes Candy, Maple Syrup, Pickle Island, Wishes, Taking from the Rich
Dislikes The police, Everyone in Stormalong
Occupation Adventurer, Former Student

Captain K'nuckles is the deuteragonist of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack series.


K'nuckles was born and raised in the seven seas of Stormalong Harbor. He was mostly raised by his muscular and masculain grandmother who taught him all sorts of traditions ans motives. K'nuckles (as usual) didn't listen to these customs and continued to do as he pleases. Several decades later, he is shown to be drowing in the ocean, and Flapjack and Bubbie take him in so he can live with them. Captain K'nuckles is a selfish and mean-spirited pirate. K'nuckles was found by Flapjack and Bubbie when he was drifting in the sea all alone (this was shown in the cancelled pilot episode). As seen often in the series, he is shown always butting heads with Bubbie, as the two never seem to get along. Bubbie does think that K'nuckles is a bad influence on Flapjack and even kicked him out once. At times, it is shown that he reall doesn't care about anyone or anything. But secretly, he loves his life and being around Flapjack.

Personality and TraitsEdit

K'nuckles is an ignorant and childish old man. He is often grumpy and selfish and has many disregards for others. For this very reason, he is the most hated person in all of Stormalong, which explains why Flapjack is his only friend.


K'nuckles is a blue-skined man with a red cap and jacket. Underneath he sports an orange stripped shirt. He also has wodden legs and wodden hands. Thurop Van Orman as not quit explained why K'nuckles is blue, yet when he shirtless, he us shown with regular semi-tan skin.

Other ApperancesEdit

Cartoon Network: Punch Time ExplosionEdit

K'nuckles is playable.


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