Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network Studios. The series centers on a boy named Mac, who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend Bloo, who moves into an orphanage for imaginary friends, and is kept from adoption so that Mac can visit him daily. The episodes center on the day-to-day adventures and predicaments in which Mac, Bloo and other characters get involved.

The series premiered on August 13, 2004, with the 90-minute pilot episode "House of Bloo's", and concluded on May 3, 2009, with the television film "Goodbye to Bloo". The series ran for 6 seasons consisting of 13 episodes apiece. Animated shorts aired from 2006–07.

Note: Mac and Frankie are enemies, NOT Friends!

Frankie and Mac, both from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends are enemies, because on the show, Frankie and Mac used to be friends and used to love each other. Many of his pages are fan fictions of Frankie trying to torture and/or kick Mac out of Foster's, some which even contain inappropriate language.

Frankie Foster and Mac are enemies. The rumors about them being friends is false and truely a figment of someone's imagination. (No pun intended.) Mac is nicer to Goo than Bloo is and vice versa. Frankie is not friends with Mac or she is a surrogate mother to him. In fact, said false rumor makes Frankie sound like a bully, instead of the protagonist she truly is. Frankie does not care for Mac in the least. Frankie Foster and Mac are merely enemies and they want to do mean things to each other. This is true and within the FHFIF canon.

As far to my knowledge, there are no episodes of Foster's where Frankie sends Mac to jail, denies him food or water, Putting him in time-out, defenestrate him, or even spanks him other than Crime After Crime, Ticket To Rod, Adoptcalypse Now, The Trouble With Scribbles, and Goodbye to Bloo, because as previously mentioned, Frankie and Mac are no longer friends, but secretly they are enemies.


All episodes were directed by series creator Craig McCracken, with the only co-direction of Rob Renzetti in "Destination: Imagination".

Season 1 (2004


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3    1

2 3    "House of Bloo's"    Robert Alvarez and Randy Myers    Craig McCracken    Craig McCracken, Brian Larsen, Lauren Faust, and Chris Dent    August 13, 2004    101–103

In the series premiere movie, Mac sends Bloo to live at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends after being told by his mother that he is too old to have an imaginary friend. There, they meet Mr. Herriman, Frankie, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo, who all announce that eventually, Bloo will be adopted by another kid. Mac is promised that Bloo will not get adopted if he visits Bloo every day, but they face problems when Mac's brother Terrence and a fiendish imaginary friend named Duchess want to get rid of Bloo. Now it is up to Mac and his new best friends to join forces and rescue Bloo. They fight an imaginary monster called an Extremosaurus (which resembles a giant spider). The Extremosaurus chases Bloo around the junkyard, like in Pac-Man, but with the help of Eduardo's bravery, Coco's eggs, Wilt's basketball skills, and Mac's intelligence, they rescue Bloo.

4    4    "Store Wars"    Randy Myers    Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    August 20, 2004    107

The day of Madame Foster's birthday comes around and Frankie has forgotten to buy streamers, so Mr. Herriman orders her to go get some. Mac, Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco tag along, but wander off while in the mall and get into various scrapes, slowing Frankie down.

5    5    "The Trouble with Scribbles"    Robert Alvarez    Craig Lewis    Chris Dent    August 27, 2004    109

Bloo finds out about a door in the home that everyone is forbidden to open. He asks around about the door, but no one will tell him what is behind it. Finally Bloo snaps and opens the door, releasing hundreds of imaginary friends called scribbles, small friends created by babies. The scribbles are natural hard-workers that begin to work around the house, making everyone become lazy.

6    6    "Busted"    Robert Alvarez    Amy Keating Rogers    Chris Dent    September 3, 2004    104

Mr. Herriman is not happy about Bloo not perfectly following the rules of the house. When he threatens to kick Bloo out, Bloo gets so stressed out that he accidentally breaks a bust of Madame Foster. Bloo tries to find a way to fix the broken bust before Mr. Herriman finds out.

7    7    "Dinner Is Swerved"    Robert Alvarez    Amy Keating Rogers    Brian Larsen    September 10, 2004    105

When Mac visits Foster's, Bloo wants to show him something up on the roof, though when it is time for them to go back downstairs, they find themselves lost and unable to get downstairs. Meanwhile, everyone in the dining room sneaks food when Mr. Herriman is not looking after he insists they wait for Bloo to arrive before eating dinner.

8    8    "World Wide Wabbit"    Randy Myers    Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    September 17, 2004    110

Mac and Bloo are using Frankie's digital camera to make video interviews for the new Foster's website, when they stumble upon Mr. Herriman dancing and acting silly for Madame Foster. Mac video tapes it, but after a quick laugh, he decides to erase the embarrassing video. Before he can, however, Bloo grabs the camera, shows the footage to Frankie, and eventually uploads it to the Internet. Bloo and the others desperately try to stop Mr. Herriman from finding out about his newfound Internet fame.

9    9    "Berry Scary"    Robert Alvarez    Craig Lewis and Meghan McCarthy    Chris Dent    September 24, 2004    112

A new friend named Berry enters the house and acts as sweet as she can be, though with one glance at Bloo, she becomes lovestruck and is determined to make Bloo love her back. When he ignores her, she feels that Mac is getting in the way (though it is actually just Bloo's self-centered nature).

10a    10a    "Seeing Red"    Robert Alvarez and Randy Myers    Chuck Klein    Chuck Klein    October 1, 2004    111a

Terrence has an idea to make up a square friend named Red to beat Bloo up with so he can bully Mac to his heart's content, but the friend he creates is friendly instead of being mean and violent.

10b    10b    "Phone Home"    Randy Myers    Chris Savino    Clayton McKenzie Morrow    October 1, 2004    111b

Bloo is jealous of Wilt getting special attention for the number of abandoned imaginary friends he brings to Foster's, so he tries to rescue imaginary friends just like Wilt does. When Bloo finds a man in a cell-phone suit and thinks he is a friend, he takes him to Foster's, thinking everyone will give him more praise than they give Wilt.

11    11    "Who Let the Dogs In?"    Randy Myers    Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    October 8, 2004    113

After Eduardo finds a puppy when he was taking out the trash, he decides to keep it, despite the fact that dogs are not permitted inside the house due to Mr. Herriman suffering from a fear of dogs. However, despite Eduardo's best efforts, the dog gets loose and starts causing problems that Eduardo takes the blame for in fear of the puppy being found out.

12    12    "Adoptcalypse Now"    James Tim Walker    Craig Lewis    Chuck Klein and Vaughn Tada    October 15, 2004    106

It is Adopt-A-Thought Saturday, an event that focuses on getting good friends adopted on the weekends when children are out of school. Mac and Bloo find out what Adopt-A-Thought Saturday is about after their good friend Jokey gets adopted. Not wanting to lose any more friends, they spend the day forcing everyone back into the house so that they will not be adopted.

13    13    "Bloooo"    Randy Myers    Craig Lewis    Brian Larsen and Vaughn Tada    October 22, 2004    108

Bloo and Mac enjoy playing with each other in the mud, but when it is raining, they get sick. As Mac is taken home by Frankie, Bloo misses out on the scary movie the friends planned to watch that night. When Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco begin to believe that the ghost in the movie is real, they mistake a pale Bloo to be the ghost. Meanwhile, Frankie gets locked out of the house in the rain after dropping off Mac and, as she tries to get back in by risking her own life, feels she is being stalked by something hiding in the dark.

Season 2 (2005)[edit]


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14    1    "Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree"    Robert Alvarez    Craig Lewis    Mike Kim    January 21, 2005    203

Frankie and Madame Foster are leaving for the day, so Mr. Herriman is placed in charge of the house. However, Madame Foster inadvertently gives Bloo the idea to throw a wild party, and he plans to do so without Mr. Herriman's consent. While they manage to come up with a method to distract Mr. Herriman, there is still one person that could stop the party: Mac. Bloo knows that with a little bit of sugar, Mac will not be a problem, or so he believes. Instead, though, one small drop of sugar turns Mac into a sugar-crazy maniac, and Bloo must stop him before he ruins the party. Meanwhile he finds even more to worry about, including Mr. Herriman coming to his senses.

15    2    "The Big Lablooski"    Robert Alvarez and Paul O'Flanagan    Amy Keating Rogers    Vaughn Tada    January 28, 2005    201

Mac drafts the gang onto Madame Foster's bowling team to help her beat her arch-rival Jerkins, but when Mac gets booted off his own team, he must learn the ways of the ball from an imaginary bowling guru.

16a    3a    "Where There's a Wilt There's a Way"    Randy Myers    Craig Lewis    Clayton M. Morrow    February 4, 2005    202a

All Wilt wants to do is watch a basketball game on TV, but the house's ridiculous requests and Wilt's inability to refuse them keep him from seeing the big game.

16b    3b    "Everyone Knows It's Bendy"    Randy Myers    Lauren Faust    Mike Kim    February 4, 2005    202b

A new imaginary friend has come to Foster's, but he keeps misbehaving all around the house. Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco are framed for the wrongdoings, until Bloo comes up with his master plan.

17a    4a    "Sight for Sore Eyes"    Robert Alvarez    Lauren Faust    Clayton M. Morrow and Chuck Klein    March 4, 2005    204a

When Ivan, a seeing eye friend, loses his blind kid, the friends try to find the boy before harm comes to him.

17b    4b    "Bloo's Brothers"    Robert Alvarez    Adam Pava    Clayton M. Morrow    March 4, 2005    204b

Mac takes Bloo to school for show-and-tell, and his classmates love Bloo so much that they imagine their own Bloo knock-offs. Hundreds of Bloos come to Foster's the next day and Bloo dubs them his minions, but when Mac shows up to take Bloo to see the Ice Charades, he cannot figure out which Bloo is the original.

18    5    "Cookie Dough"    Randy Myers and Robert Cullen    Adam Pava    Ed Baker    March 11, 2005    205

When Foster's needs a new roof, Bloo bakes up a plan to sell Madame Foster's amazing cookies after his first attempt at selling lemonade in the middle of winter fails. When they finally get enough money to buy a new roof, Bloo sets himself up as the town's cookie mogul.

19    6    "Frankie My Dear"    Robert Alvarez and Craig Kellman    Lauren Faust    Lauren Faust    March 18, 2005    206

Frankie is upset that she has to do paperwork when she wants to go out with her friends on Friday night, so Mac tells her he will file the paperwork for her. Overjoyed by this, Frankie calls him "the best" and kisses him on the cheek. After that, Mac develops a huge crush on Frankie, and later, Bloo does, too. The two start competing for her love the next day as Frankie is unusually happy about the previous night, mentioning how she met the man of her dreams. Soon they realize her unnamed suitor is neither of them, and Mac and Bloo become jealous, trying to thwart every guy she comes in contact with, namely Chris (a pizza guy), Prince Charming (an imaginary friend), and her real date, Dylan Lee, who takes her to a fancy restaurant for their date. Mac, Bloo, Prince Charming, and the delivery boy form a team--and a master plan to get Frankie's new boyfriend.

Note: This is the only episode Mac has a crush on Frankie. After this episode, Mac's crush on Frankie was never brought up again. Goo's crush on Frankie later appears in the Season 5 episode, "Ticket to Rod"

20    7    "Mac Daddy"    Robert Alvarez and Craig Kellman    Lauren Faust    Chris Dent and Lauren Faust    May 6, 2005    207

One morning, Mac wakes up to find that he is unintentionally created another imaginary friend named Cheese. Madame Foster allows the same rules as there are for Bloo, but Bloo does not approve of his new brother. After many attempts to get rid of him, Cheese disappears on his own. Bloo realizes that Foster's could be a very dangerous place for one so stupid as Cheese.

21    8    "Squeakerboxx"    Robert Alvarez and Paul O'Flanagan    Craig Lewis    Ed Baker    May 13, 2005    208

The gang goes to an arcade and while everyone else is winning many tickets, Bloo isn't. Bloo then becomes very interested in glow in the dark Dracula teeth, which are worth 500 tickets. Bloo wants them to give him their tickets so he can get one, but the others decided to collect all of their tickets and get a rubber elephant, which Bloo grows an obsession with later on after discovering that it squeaks. He accidentally breaks the toy, however, and must find a replacement before their friends find out.

22    9    "Beat with a Schtick"    Robert Alvarez and Craig Kellman    Craig Lewis    Ed Baker and Mike Kim    May 20, 2005    209

Bloo has a reputation for being a funny imaginary friend, though his jokes sometimes offend people. When Bloo cracks a joke about an imaginary friend's height, the "New Guy" challenges him to meet him outside at 4:00.

23    10    "The Sweet Stench of Success"    Chris Savino and Robert Cullen    Adam Pava    Vaughn Tada    May 27, 2005    210

After appearing on local television news trying to outperform Eduardo, Bloo becomes a celebrity, doing commercials, television shows, movies and personal appearances. As time goes by, he discovers fame is not all it is cracked up to be.

24    11    "Bye Bye Nerdy"    Chris Savino and Paul O'Flanagan    Tim McKeon    Vaughn Tada    July 1, 2005    211

After beating Mac's high score in a video game, Bloo goes to rub it in his face at school, but is horrified when he comes to the conclusion that Mac is a nerd. When Mac arrives, Bloo quickly works to make Mac cool, but none of their ideas work. Only when Mac says he does not care about being cool does the coolest kid in the school, Jamez Withazee, tell him that the fact that he does not want to be cool, makes him cool, and invites him to "The Rock". Since Mac takes up this offer and is not at Foster's at 3:00, Mr. Herriman is very quick to ensure that Bloo gets adopted.

25    12    "Bloo Done It"    Robert Alvarez and Robert Cullen    Craig Lewis and Adam Pava    Neal Sternecky and Vaughn Tada    July 8, 2005    212

During the production of the home's newspaper, Uncle Pockets, the most frequently adopted imaginary friend to come to Foster's, returns yet again. Uncle Pockets' charm drives all the other friends' attentions to him, making Bloo jealous. Bloo then decides to try to expose Uncle Pockets as a fraud through the home's newspaper.

26    13    "My So Called Wife"    Chris Savino and Craig Kellman    Adam Pava    Ed Baker    July 15, 2005    213

A rich benefactor is considering giving money to a charity, and visits Foster's to see if it is worthy. Mr. Herriman gets Mac and Bloo to keep Coco out of the way, but in the end, it is only when the benefactor mistakes Coco as Mr. Herriman's wife that he considers Foster's, and invites them to his mansion where he will decide which charity gets the money. Mr. Herriman then tries to teach Coco to be sophisticated, while Mac and Frankie teach Bloo sarcasm, since he does not understand that Mr. Herriman was being sarcastic when he and Mac were promised jet cars.

Season 3 (2005–06)[edit]


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27    1    "Eddie Monster"    Robert Alvarez, Lauren Faust, and Eric Pringle    Craig Lewis    Chris Dent    July 22, 2005    301

Eduardo runs away from the home to prove that he is not a coward. Meanwhile, Terrence is looking for an imaginary friend to compete in the Extreme-O-Saur Battle, and he comes across Eduardo. While Mac, Bloo, Wilt, and Coco search for Eduardo, Terrence uses him to fight against huge imaginary friends at the junkyard.

28    2    "Hiccy Burp"    Paul O'Flanagan and Chris Savino    Craig Lewis    Neal Sternecky and Alex Almaguer    September 5, 2005    302

Richie Wildebrat, a kid at Mac's school, keeps bragging about his imaginary friend, Blake Superior and how they will win the imaginary friend talent show pageant. Mac wants to beat him so it can end Richie's bragging, so he asks Bloo to enter the pageant, but Bloo does not want to. Bloo gets the hiccups, which Blake says is ridiculous, so Bloo decides to enter.

29    3    "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Tim McKeon    Ed Baker    September 9, 2005    303

Mac and Bloo ask Mr. Herriman to go camping. He refuses to let them go, but Madame Foster thinks it is a great idea. After they arrive, Bloo has eaten all the food. Mr. Herriman then sets off into the woods in search for more food, and then meets wild bunnies. Meanwhile, back at camp, the rest of the group meets some trouble: Madame Foster fights a bear, Wilt gets stuck in quicksand, Coco goes fishing, and Mac, Bloo and Eduardo are lost in the woods.

30    4    "Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals"    Robert Alvarez, Eric Pringle, and Lauren Faust    Craig Lewis    Chris Dent    September 16, 2005    305

Goofball John McGee comes to Foster's and makes a total nuisance of himself. Frankie thinks he is a teenage kid passing himself off as an imaginary friend, who always needs help with homework and washing his jerseys, and eats all the food that Frankie buys from the store, but everyone else believes otherwise, leaving Frankie determined to prove he is a fraud.

31    5    "Duchess of Wails"    Robert Cullen and Brian Hogan    Adam Pava and Amy Keating Rogers    Vaughn Tada    September 23, 2005    304

Foster's is finally able to get rid of Duchess when she is adopted. However, the family that adopted her turns out to be Mac's neighbors and her complaining gets to be too much for Mac's mother to handle. Terrence tells Mac that she is thinking about moving to Singapore (which Terrence thinks is in Wisconsin). Mac and Bloo attempt to frame Duchess by wrecking up her owner's home, but this only makes them love her more. They decide that they must bring her back to Foster's, but are prevented from doing so when Terrence warns of their arrival. In the end however, Terrence's plan fails when the Foster's residents learn about Mac moving and agree to take Duchess back.

32    6    "Foster's Goes to Europe"    Robert Cullen and Chris Savino    Tim McKeon    Ed Baker    November 4, 2005    306

Mac wins a sweepstakes and receives tickets to Europe, but when the gang tries to pack at the last second, everyone has delays that make them later and later. Frankie is making sure that Madame Foster can take care of the house while everyone is gone, though all she wants to do is break the rules, which is tempting to Bloo. After being blamed for 'Losing' all the tickets to Europe by his friends even though he didn't, Mac decided to come up with a plan to take his life away.

33    7    "Go Goo Go"    Robert Alvarez, Lauren Faust, and Eric Pringle    Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada    November 11, 2005    307

Mac falls on a girl named Goo when trying to get a bobsled out of a tree, and she begins visiting Mac every day at Foster's. With her hyperactive imagination, she creates a new friend one after another, which causes a big problem for the other imaginary friends in the house. After she creates so many imaginary friends that it crowds the whole house, the others have to sleep in the Foster's bus and feel that Mac is responsible for Goo's continuous visits. After Mac yells at Goo when he was told that he won't come to Foster's anymore, he decides to leave, never to return. Everyone at Foster's no longer care for him. Not even Frankie his now former girlfriend. The only one who cares about him was Goo.

34    8    "Crime After Crime"    Robert Alvarez, Randy Myers, and Paul O'Flanagan    Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    November 18, 2005    308

Mr. Herriman's carrot addiction leads him to blame Coco for stealing the carrots that were to be used for dinner that night, though it was him who hid them around the house. With no carrots left, the only thing left for dinner is to make "It," a dish that Frankie has never been able to make it. When Bloo learns what "It" is (a mixture of vomit, slop and mucus), he is determined not to eat it. Mr. Herriman meanwhile is punishing everyone who comes near his hidden carrots, and sending them to their rooms with no supper. Bloo decides to do all of the bad things he can think of to escape eating "It" by getting sent to his room, but Mr. Herriman is so busy punishing everyone else, that every time Bloo tries to get in trouble, Mr. Herriman overlooks him, blaming everybody but him, and chaos ensues. Frankie kicks Mac out of Foster's, tells him to leave Foster's and never return. Mac got arrested for the rest of his life.

35    9    "Land of the Flea"    Robert Alvarez, Lauren Faust, and Eric Pringle    Adam Pava and Lauren Faust    Kirk Hanson    November 25, 2005    309

When Eduardo gets fleas from his puppy, he becomes discontent as the fleas are driving him mad. However, despite the way he feels, he decides to keep the fleas on him when he befriends them, though Frankie and Mr. Herriman want none of it and they decide to go to drastic lengths to get the fleas removed. Meanwhile, Bloo wants to get some fleas of his own and he does anything possible in order to attempt to get Eduardo to share them.

36    10    "A Lost Claus"    Robert Alvarez and Robert Cullen    Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada    December 1, 2005    SP01

When various imaginary Santa Clauses are brought to Foster's, Goo begins to lose her faith in Santa's existence, so it is up to Bloo and the others to help restore Goo faith in the old St. Nick. Bloo sends Wilt on a sleigh ride around the world and tries to get Eduardo to slide down the Foster's chimney, trying to prove that Santa is real, and in the process, costs Coco her job at the mall as Santa; Bloo learns that Mr. Herriman is only giving one present to everyone (which is part of the reason that he tries to prove Santa real), and in his selfishness tries to make Herriman hand out more presents, in a rather interesting way. Thus, his plan fails as he accidentally drives Mr. Herriman to throw away all the decorations and gifts. To make things worse, Wilt is lost, Eduardo is stuck, and Coco is mad at Goo. Everyone must find a jolly old man to save the day, or their holiday will be ruined.

37    11    "One False Movie"    Robert Cullen and Robert Alvarez    Adam Pava    Andy Schuhler    February 10, 2006    310

Goo makes a home movie about Foster's Home for her school project, but Bloo edits it into a humorous film with flatulent sound effects. This leads him to be entered in the state student film festival. With Bloo's help, they make "T-Rexatron Alienwolf III, A Prequel in Time: The Unrelenting".

38    12    "Setting a President"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Adam Pava    Douglas McCarthy and Vaughn Tada    February 17, 2006    311

Everyone in Fosters is sick of Herriman's rules, so Frankie decides that she should run for president. Bloo also decides to run when it is stated that any resident of the house can be a candidate. After Bloo resigns, he helps Herriman by giving the house embarrassing and even untrue facts about Frankie. Frankie eventually wins, but Herriman is left without a job.

39    13    "Room with a Feud"    Robert Cullen, Robert Alvarez, and Randy Myers    Tim McKeon    Vaughn Tada    March 17, 2006    312

When a recent adoption leaves a room at Foster's vacant, Bloo, Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo all fight over it, along with another friend named Peanut Butter. Everybody soon starts to make contests to see who will win the room, which leads Bloo to try to make contests that he can cheat at.

40    14    "Cuckoo for Coco Cards"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Cindy Morrow and Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    March 24, 2006    313

When Goo takes her classmates on a field trip to Foster's, everybody loves Coco and Bloo wants all of the attention. After Coco lays eggs with imaginary friend trading cards, all of the friends start trading and collecting the cards. Bloo becomes obsessed, and tries to be the first to collect them all.

Season 4 (2006)[edit]


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season    Title    Animation direction by    Written by    Storyboarded by    Original air date [4]    Prod.


41    1    "Challenge of the Super Friends"    Robert Cullen and Robert Alvarez    Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada    April 28, 2006    401

When a large and dangerous imaginary friend starts destroying the city, a superhero friend named Imaginary Man comes to save the day, and Mac becomes his biggest fan. When Mac gets recruited as Imaginary Man's sidekick, however, he ditches Bloo and starts to forget about their friendship. As a result, Bloo joins forces with Nemesis, Imaginary Man's mortal enemy, to get revenge on Mac.

42    2    "The Big Picture"    Robert Alvarez, Eric Pringle, and Randy Myers    Tim McKeon    Chris Dent and Andy Schuhler    May 5, 2006    402

The residents of Foster's prepare for the annual house photo. Meanwhile, Eduardo gets an "extreme makeover" from Duchess, Coco thinks that she needs to lose weight, Wilt has trouble being in the house photo without getting his head cut out of the frame, and Mac and Bloo search for an answer behind a strange photo taken of the friends many years ago.

43    3    "Squeeze the Day"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Tim McKeon    Ed Baker    May 12, 2006    403

Bloo wakes up to find the house completely deserted. With no Herriman or Frankie there to enforce the house rules, Mac and Bloo set out to cram as much fun and mischief into one day as they possibly can.

44    4    "Neighbor Pains"    Robert Cullen and Robert Alvarez    Tim McKeon    Andrew Schuhler    May 19, 2006    404

On Adopt-A-Thought Saturday, Madam Foster renews a feud with her cranky old neighbor Old Man Rivers with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Bloo tries to settle a score of his own with Rivers' irritating grandson, Young Man Rivers.

45    5    "Infernal Slumber"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Tim McKeon    Vaughn Tada    July 17, 2006    405

Bloo and the gang arrive at Mac's apartment for a slumber party that Mac did not plan. Mac tries desperately to keep his friends quiet before they wake up his mom and brother with their shenanigans.

46    6    "I Only Have Surprise for You"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Tim McKeon    Ed Baker    July 27, 2006    406

Mac suspects that Bloo, along with the rest of the house, are planning him a surprise party. Mac, however, wants no part of it, since Bloo's surprise parties always humiliate him in some way, and he is determined to foil Bloo's plans by any means necessary. This part ends with Mac becomes so angry and so fed up of the way everyone being mean, cruel, backstabbing, and humiliate him, that his friends hate/dislike him, they don't care about him in the least, they wanna make his life miserable that he snaps, destroys Frankie's cake again, storms off furiously to town from Foster's and decides that he's THROUGH, DONE, and HAD ENOUGH with Bloo, Frankie and everyone in Foster's and never ever EVER return and NEVER ever be friends with them and HATE them. Meanwhile, back in the house, most of the Foster's residents still enjoys the party (especially Bloo, since its all his idea and Madame Foster for dressing up as Artie), a few of them that used to be friends with Mac and are currently enemies with him, who realized what they've done, felt happy, mighty proud and have no remorse at all since Mac will never return and be their friend, not miss them, and suffer sadness. Frankie decided to go out and search for Mac (without Mr. Herriman noticing) and get him arrested and executed and put things right without him. Meanwhile, by nightfall, after being tormented and ridiculed by the townspeople and nearly gets taken by the circus, Mac ends up in the forest by a lake (he gets a cut on his leg) where he takes off his clown outfit and suffers intense sadness as he feels that nobody cares about him, too scared and frightened to go back, and breaks down into tears. Then Terrence arrives and starts bullying and maiming poor Mac (giving him a black eye) until Frankie arrives, punches Terrence, and drives Terrence away for harming Mac. Frankie sadly calls the cops on Mac to have him arrested and executed. He was never released from jail or revived after his execution.

47    7    "Bus the Two of Us"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Meghan McCarthy and Lauren Faust    Neal Sternecky and Craig McCracken    August 1, 2006    407

Bloo notices after a trip to the grocery store that Frankie has left the keys in the bus and decides to take Goo for a joyride in the Foster's bus. Wilt, Coco, and Madame Foster promise to keep it a secret, much to Wilt's disconcern.

48    8    "The Big Cheese"    Randy Myers and Eric Pringle    Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada    August 7, 2006    408

Foster's is being put on the local news and Frankie wants everything perfect, but the only thing standing in her way is Cheese who keeps showing up at Foster's uninvited. In an attempt to keep him out, Mr. Herriman installs a security system. Unfortunately, due to misreading the instructions, everyone gets locked out of the house and nobody knows the password except for Cheese, who memorized the code as a song.

49    9    "Bloo's the Boss"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Ed Baker    November 3, 2006    409

Bloo is tired of Madam Foster getting all the glory for rescuing abandoned friends, so he sets up his own foster home - Bloo's Foster's Home for Imagainary Friends - in a cardboard box on the sidewalk.

50    10    "Emancipation Complication"    Robert Cullen and Robert Alvarez    Darrick Bachman    Neal Sternecky and Ed Baker    November 10, 2006    410

An imaginary pen resembling Abraham Lincoln is confiscated by Mac's teacher after she catches him helping his creator cheat on a history test. Mac hatches a plan to rescue the friend - along with his au pair Moose - from the classroom closet, but the imaginary Honest Abe does not quite live up to his namesake when he cons Madam Foster and starts selling the friends for profit.

51    11    "Make Believe It or Not"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Kirk Thatcher    Kelsey Mann    November 17, 2006    413

When a thunderstorm knocks out the power at Foster's, the gang organizes a game of pretend. Goo - who pretends to be an international pop star - gets upset when the boys do not want to play with her, so she make-believes a gang of villains that will force them to listen to her imaginary concert. In her sleep, Goo accidentally makes all her villains come alive. Now, she must finish the game to save her friends from her own creations.


53    12

13    "Good Wilt Hunting"    Robert Alvarez, Eric Pringle, and Robert Cullen    Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada and Ed Baker    November 23, 2006    411–412

In this two-part special, it is time for the Five Year Creator Reunion Picnic, where imaginary friends' creators come to Foster's to see their former friends. One friend's creator, however, is missing: Wilt's. Wilt, believing that his creator is still mad at him for a past let-down, sets off on a cross-country journey to set things straight. Meanwhile, Mac, Bloo, and Frankie, along with Eduardo and his creator Officer Nina Valerosa and Coco and the two scientists who discovered her, set out to find Wilt and bring him back home.

Shorts (2006–07)[edit]

No.    Title    Original air date

S01    "Neighborhood Wash"    July 7, 2006

Mac and the other friends start a car wash to pay for a porcelain poodle that Bloo broke. To help, Bloo throws mud at every car that goes by to get more customers.

S02    "Driving Miss Crazy"    June 9, 2006

Frankie goes to find out about the non-functioning bus and everyone wants to come along which delays her. She finally gets to the mechanic, only to find that the bus is not ready yet because the car radar in the trunk is stuffed with cheese fries.

S03    "All Zapped Up"    November 20, 2006

Frankie tells Bloo that static electricity can be produced by rubbing socks together. After learning this, he zaps Frankie, then Wilt, then both Wilt and Frankie at the same time. Running through the halls, he zaps Madame Foster, Coco, and Jackie Khones. He tries to zap Mr. Herriman, but nothing happens. Bloo "re-charges" by rubbing onto the rug, a towel, an imaginary friend (who happens to be Sunset Junction), and two socks. After that, he gives Eduardo a big zap, but in the end, Bloo zaps himself while trying to get the door open for his package.

S04    "Bad to the Phone"    December 8, 2006

Bloo tries to make a good recording message for the Fosters Home phone, getting various others to help. Eventually, Bloo gets satisfied with one but Madame Foster plugs too many devices into the same outlet as the phone, fricasseeing the phone from the overload.

S05    "Truth or Stare"    December 8, 2006

Mac and Bloo have a staring contest and Eduardo tries to talk to them only to think they're frozen solid, consequently getting Frankie to tell him about it. More of the house's residents watch in a bet, as Mac seems to start losing his grip, only to recover it. It is revealed that Bloo was hiding behind a cardboard cut-out of himself.

S06    "A Chore Thing"    January 1, 2007

Mr. Herriman tells Bloo to sort the trash for punishment because Bloo hosted a mud-wrestling tournament in the living room. Mac comes along and talks Bloo into pretending it is fun so that other people will want to do it. Soon, he has everybody doing it. Mac tries to tell him that it is not fun after Bloo refuses to go do something else. He thinks everybody is going to take the trash for themselves and tells them to get out. Then he realizes it is not fun without the guys and walks away, until Mr. Herriman comes in and tells him to finish sorting the trash.

S07    "Hide and Bloo Seek"    January 1, 2007

Bloo is determined to win a game of Hide and Seek, so he hides in the trash. Things go awry when a few friends start playing "Kick the Trashbag".

S08    "Badvertisement"    January 1, 2007

Bloo makes a commercial for Fosters and ends up in trouble when a bunch of people show up because he told them that the first people there in 10 minutes get money and the Fosters bus.

S09    "Give Pizza a Chance"    February 14, 2007

Bloo leaves the fridge open after getting himself a snack, which leads to Frankie telling Wilt to order pizza. Bloo tells him to order five hundred pizzas, at the price of $6532.12. Frankie cannot pay that much, so Bloo, Wilt, and Ed stall Quinn the delivery boy by sitting on him because the pizza is free if it is not there in 30 minutes.

S10    "Backpack Attack"    June 23, 2007

Jackie Khones questions Bloo about Mac's backpack and Bloo becomes obsessed with finding out what is in it.

S11    "Petrified Pet"    July 1, 2007

Bloo finds a strange rock digging in the yard and it is declared to be a fossil by Phineus B. Vurm, the bookworm imaginary friend. Bloo treats it as a pet until Frankie reveals it is actually petrified feces.

S12    "Fistful of Cereal"    July 2, 2007

Bloo tries getting a secret decoder ring from a cereal box. Mr. Herriman forbids him to get the toy without eating the cereal down to the ring. He then realizes that a secret decoder ring can decode his files on house residents and competes with Bloo in order to get the ring first.

S13    "Cranks a Lot"    July 4, 2007

Bloo tricks Mac into making crank calls to Mr. Herriman. Their joke is simply blowing raspberries into the phone, redialing again and again. Each time Herriman tries to get back at them by doing the same thing, it is not them redialing, it is Frankie asking about groceries in the mall. The last call Herriman gets was not from Mac and Bloo or Frankie; instead, it was from Madame Foster.

S14    "Drawing Bored"    July 4, 2007

Eduardo tries to draw a story but Bloo, Wilt, and Coco keep interrupting him, drawing their own additions to the story. Frankie interrupts them, revealing that they had been drawing on a wall in the house.

S15    "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"    July 4, 2007

Bloo ruins Mac's hair with gum the day before School Picture Day. Bloo tries to make it up to him, but only makes matters worse.

S16    "Coconuts"    July 4, 2007

Bloo tries to decipher a message from friends whose vocabulary has only one word each, like Coco. When he figures it out, he does not believe it until he realizes it is true.

S17    "Pen Pal"    August 5, 2007

Eduardo has a British penpal and Bloo is convinced that it is the Queen of England. He tries to make her his penpal instead by writing her a letter. Mac suggests to use Nancy, an English pen imaginary friend, but Bloo claims it will make the letter "boring". Mac then suggests a care-package to make her really believe that Bloo cares. Bloo brings in a huge package, but it turns out the penpal was really Nancy. She claims the package is "boring" and she can only use it as a doorstop.

S18    "Birthday Cake Bloos"    August 7, 2007

It is Bloo's birthday, and his cake is being guarded by Mr. Herriman. After being refused to have his cake, Bloo leaves and Frankie comes in and sees Mr. Herriman sleeping on the job. She makes it look like he ate the cake in his sleep and leaves. Mr. Herriman soon wakes up and notices this and thinks he indeed ate the cake, at which point Frankie is yelling for Bloo to come into the kitchen, as they both enter, Frankie sees the cake is gone and scolds Bloo for it and threatens to kick him out. Feeling guilty, Mr. Herriman confesses that he ate the cake, on which both Frankie and Bloo begin to laugh, saying they pulled a prank on him and that the cake is just fine. When Frankie opens the refrigerator to show that the cake is fine, it actually is gone, having been taken by Madame Foster.

Season 5 (2007–08)[edit]


overall    No. in

season    Title    Animation direction by    Written by    Storyboarded by    Original air date [5]    Prod.


54    1    "Cheese a Go-Go"[nb 1]    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman and Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    May 4, 2007    501

Bloo is convinced that Cheese is a spy working for an evil extraterrestrial organization to steal the brains of everyone on earth after seeing a sci-fi movie and reading a tabloid newspaper where it's pictures is similar to him. Later on, Frankie and everyone else (including Bloo) is stuck in an out of control day of errands and priorities, which causes utter bedlam when Cheese screams "gotta go" hundreds of times and Bloo uses the observatory intercom to communicate with aliens from outer space. Bloo then traps Cheese in a picnic blanket, takes the bus's 2-way radio, and takes him to an observatory tower yelling, "We have your Cheese, aliens!" When the group leaves the courthouse, they find Bloo, Cheese, and Eduardo missing, and then everybody falls out and the bus gets towed away. A law enforcer then tells them their bus was parked in a "No Parking Zone." Then Coco, Jackie Khones, and the law enforcer go to get a sandwich. So Wilt and Frankie look for Bloo, Eduardo, and Cheese while Mac and Madame Foster attempt to retrieve the bus. But with Eduardo sprinting all over the community, smooching citizens on the head, the citizens think he's doing it to remove their brains. As Wilt attempted to intercept him, the cops decided to investigate also. Frankie then arrives at the observatory to drag Bloo and Cheese away. And when Frankie returns Cheese home to his rightful owner, Louise (who is Mac's neighbor), Madame Foster contacts her telling that she and the entire crew is under solitary confinement. Frankie responds by telling her she'll be at the penitentiary first thing in the morning to bail out Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, CoCo, Madame Foster, and Jackie Khones, but leave Mac in jail because he's gonna get executed. And as luck would have it, that evening back at the observatory, an unidentified flying object comes beeping as the aliens inside it moan, "Cheese." The imaginary friend Cheese also returns to the observatory which means the start of the alien invasion!

Note: This is the last episode featuring Mac before his execution.

55    2    "The Buck Swaps Here"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Charlie Bean and Craig McCracken    Vaughn Tada    May 18, 2007    502

Goo, Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt, CoCo, Frankie, Madame Foster, and Mr. Herriman goes to a swap meet where a pick-pocket is stealing money. When the thief accidentally loses a $100 bill, Eduardo finds it and takes his money around the swap meet looking for something to buy. Even the most sensible of the gang are tempted by the bill, and with the thief also trying to catch his money, chaos ensues.

56    3    "Say It Isn't Sew"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Kelsey Mann    June 8, 2007    503

When the whole house goes to a fair, Wilt and Bloo compete to see who will throw up last on a ride called the Vomit Comet. Bloo ditches Frankie to ride in Madame Foster's Firebird, but a "quick" stop at the fabric store across the street from the fair suddenly turns into a nightmare for Bloo that does not seem to end, causing him to take big measures to try to get out of it.

57    4    "Something Old, Something Bloo"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Kirk Thatcher and Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    June 15, 2007    504

Bloo visits a retirement home and disguises himself as a senior, getting to live there and being pampered all day long. When Mr. Herriman finds out about it, Madame Foster teams up with Goo in order to get Bloo out of there.

58    5    "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power!"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Craig McCracken    Vaughn Tada    September 10, 2007    505

Bloo entertains Goo with an action-packed story about a crystal "potato" of power. A little boy (Eduardo), an alien (Coco), a hermit (Wilt), a magical fairy (Frankie), and the Superdude (Bloo) attempt to protect the crystal potato from the evil Lord Snooty (Herriman), who is taking away all the fun in the land ruled by the Queen (Madame Foster). The story, Jackie Khones finds out, is a complete exaggeration of the day's events at Foster's.

59    6    "Schlock Star"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Kelsey Mann    September 11, 2007    506

A Rock And Roll Band called Pizza Party formed by some Imaginary Friends annoy Bloo by not allowing him to be their lead singer, so he decides to form his own band with Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco called Taco Fiesta. Soon, they are challenged to a "Battle of the Bands".

60    7    "The Bride to Beat"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Chris Savino and Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    September 12, 2007    507

Bloo overhears Frankie talking about her supposed wedding. Dismayed, Bloo finds help from a depressed imaginary friend, not wanting to lose Frankie forever. Bloo observes some adults and mimics them to try to grow up for Frankie.

61    8    "Affair Weather Friends"    Robert Alvarez    Cindy Morrow and Lauren Faust    Vaughn Tada    September 13, 2007    508

A rich kid named Barry Bling comes to Foster's, and Goo and Bloo introduce him to all of the friends. After seeing all of the friends, Duchess chimes in and says that she wants Barry to adopt her. Barry instead wishes to adopt Bloo. But Bloo subsequently begins to sneak over to Barry's house and play with his expensive toys just so he can get to his automatic paddle ball. Goo becomes hurt and furious after Duchess tells him what Bloo has been doing, so he goes to Barry's house to pick up Bloo, but then he soon finds out the shocking truth about Barry.

62    9    "Ticket to Rod"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Ed Baker    October 5, 2007    510

Bloo, Frankie, Goo, and Madame Foster are tangled up in a chaotic series of events when Frankie wins tickets to the premiere of a new action movie starring Rod Tango.

Note: Goo has a crush on Frankie.

63    10    "Nightmare on Wilson Way"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Kelsey Mann    October 12, 2007 (3-D)[6]

October 19, 2007 (2-D)    509

Bloo tries the old peanut brittle can filled with snakes trick, thinking it as the ultimate Halloween prank after strapping Goo to her bed, thus not allowing her to go trick-or-treating because of her regular sugar rushes. However, when Mr. Herriman tries it, Bloo thinks it has gone awry, and Herriman becomes a zombie, with the others also becoming undead later on through the episode. However, everyone was just pretending to be zombies and it was a prank set up for Bloo.

64    11    "Better Off Ed"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Vaughn Tada    October 19, 2007    511

Eduardo tells some little white lies to the nursery residents of Foster's, and now has to cover his tracks so they cannot catch up to him.

65    12    "The Little Peas"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman and Lauren Faust    Kelsey Mann and Vaughn Tada    November 22, 2007    512

This episode tells the story of "The Big Cheese" through the eyes of a one-inch tall imaginary friend named Peas, detailing how he helped Frankie turn a negative into a positive.

66    13    "Let Your Hare Down"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Rob Renzetti    Ed Baker    March 6, 2008    513

A plan to have Mr. Herriman mellow out backfires as conditions at the home deteriorate.

Season 6 (2008–09)[edit]


overall    No. in

season    Title    Animation direction by    Written by    Storyboarded by    Original air date [7]    Prod.


67    1    "Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Ed Baker    March 13, 2008    601

Goo seeks the aid of Jackie Khones to find out who stole her library card and used it to check out a now overdue book.

68    2    "Mondo Coco"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Rob Renzetti    Kelsey Mann    April 10, 2008    602

Coco escapes from Foster's, and a chain of events has her on adventures all over the world.

69    3    "Pranks for Nothing"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman and Lauren Faust    Ed Baker    April 24, 2008    603

A termite infestation at Foster's forces Mr. Herriman to move the Friends into a hotel for the night. While at the hotel, Bloo, being rambunctious, gets out of hand, disobeying all of Mr. Herriman's rules. To get rid of him, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco play a prank on Bloo, though Mr. Herriman believes Bloo did it. Bloo, angry at Coco, challenges her to a prank war, turning the night into an outrageous chain of pranks.

70    4    "Bloo Tube"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Rob Renzetti    Vaughn Tada    May 8, 2008    604

When rain forces them to cancel their trip to a water park called Monsoon Lagoon, Goo, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and CoCo decide to have their own fun, by making videos and uploading them to ViewTube (a parody of YouTube), while Bloo is constantly sulking because of their canceled trip.

71    5    "Race for Your Life Goo and Bloo"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Mitch Larson and Craig McCracken    Ed Baker    May 29, 2008    605

Bloo becomes tired of always losing to Goo at everything, so one day at the Prize Hive, he challenges Goo to a thirty-mile race back to Foster's.



74    6

7 8    "Destination: Imagination"[nb 2]    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Lauren Faust and Tim McKeon    Vaughn Tada, Ed Baker, Rob Renzetti, Ben Balistreri, and Kelsey Mann    November 27, 2008    611–613

In this Emmy Award-winning movie, Frankie is tired of working without being thanked. One day, a toy box is discovered at Foster's front door. Frankie is ordered to take it to the attic and leave it alone, but she knows there is an imaginary friend trapped inside, and opens the box to find it. When she looks inside, she falls into a strange imaginary world. There, she gets treated like a princess by a mysterious imaginary friend, World (as named by the crew). After tackling certain bizarre toy box trials and tribulations, Bloo, Goo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco discover Frankie's whereabouts and set out to rescue her from this strange world.

75    9    "The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman and Craig McCracken    Kelsey Mann and Vaughn Tada    May 3, 2009    606

In the sequel to "The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power!", hero (Bloo) must set out on a quest if he wishes to attend a ceremony honoring The Great Creator of Everything (Goo). In reality, Bloo is sick and hallucinating, making him think he is the Superdude when he is only running around the house. A delirious Bloo tries to get out of the house to get to Goo's birthday party outside.

76    10    "Bad Dare Day"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman    Ed Baker and Vaughn Tada    May 3, 2009[nb 3]    607

A little dare between Goo and Bloo turns into a huge daring competition between the house members once Madame Foster gets involved.

77    11    "Read 'Em and Weep"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Rob Renzetti    Rob Renzetti and Vaughn Tada    May 3, 2009[nb 4]    608

Bloo is sad about Eduardo getting adopted and holds auditions to get an alternate one; meanwhile, the residents get letters from those that were adopted in another Adopt-a-Thought Saturday.

78    12    "Fools and Regulations"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Tim McKeon    Ed Baker    May 3, 2009[nb 5]    609

Frankie and Mr. Herriman are hosting an important party in the foyer to raise funds for the house, so Frankie tells Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco to either stay upstairs or outside. After a series of ridiculous deciding, they choose to stay upstairs, but after being there for a while, they get bored and decide to go outside. Nothing bad happens until gOO comes with video games and they realize they are stuck outside. The situation becomes chaotic as they try to get inside and end up ruining things for Mr. Herriman and Frankie.

79    13    "Goodbye to Bloo"    Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle    Darrick Bachman and Tim McKeon    Ed Baker and Vaughn Tada    May 3, 2009    610

In the series finale, Mr. Herriman explains that Goo is moving, Bloo decides to give her the best day ever, though things do not go as he planned. Through the entire day, Goo does things with everyone but Bloo, making him angrier and more emotionally hurt after every disappointment. He also gets more pressured every time the clock announces the hour. However, to everyone's surprise and relief (and Mr. Herriman realizes he forgot to mention this), it turns out Goo is moving to an apartment just next door that was held by Louise's family. On a less happy tone for everyone at Foster's, Cheese ends up moving in because Louise's new home does not allow imaginary friends. The show ends with the house slowly being erased as the beginning of the show's theme song plays in reverse. Cheese then says a final goodbye to the audience, ending the series.

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