The Nood Era
is a Cartoon Network era that began July 14, 2008 and ended May 27, 2010. The era featured Cartoon Netowork characters in a blocky-like body shape by being splashed by a color ball. This is said to be one of the best looks/eras ever, but has not yet been confirmed. Throughtout commerical breaks, they would show the noods interacting in many ways. Sometimes with other characters from different series. It was replaced by the CHECK It era in 2010.

This eras aird only blocks, Har Har Tharsdays and You Are Here. Both of which were very popular. Har Har Tharsdays aired shows based on comedy, like The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, while You Are Here revolved more around action-based shows. CN Real also aired within the era, but it mainly conflicted with it.

A similar era was called "Toonix", which seemed have the same characteristics of this very era, but only differs within body shape of the Noods. Instead of being programmed in North America, it was programmed in Latin America. In Toonix, it featured noods that weren't seen in the U.S, like Grim and Naruto.

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