Robot Boy

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Welcome to "Forgotten Cartoons" everyone. Today, I will be reviewing a series that I randomly decided to cover: "Robot Boy".

"Robot Boy" was created by Jan Van Rijsselberge and ran on Cartoon Network from November 2005 through September 2008. It ran for 4 seasons, which is longer than anything I've reviewed previously. The series centers on Robotboy, the latest creation of the world-renowned scientist Professor Moshimo. Due to fears that Robotboy would be stolen by his arch-enemy Dr. Kamikazi and his main henchman Constantine to be used to take over the world, Professor Moshimo entrusts Robotboy to 10-year-old Tommy Turnbull, his biggest fan living in San Francisco. While being protected by Tommy and his two friends Lola and Gus (or "G-Man" as he calls himself), Robotboy learns how to behave and act as if he were a real boy while occasionally battling Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine who sought out to capture him.

This is another cartoon that I remember watching some back in the day, and I got interested in taking a look at it after seeing TwistedDanns review this series on YouTube. I sat through the entire first season in preparation for this review. What do I think of it? If I had to describe it in one word: meh.

This is an average and forgettable cartoon all the way. Not much about it is all that bad, but not much is notably good either. For the most part, the episodes ranged from mediocre to okay. It does try hard to be a fun and adventurous series, but it rarely gives you anything to be excited about.

Most of the characters are rather basic and mundane. Robot Boy, our title character, can be interesting to watch at times with how he is discovering the world and learning how to act like a normal boy. Tommy, however, is your basic 10-year-old protagonist that we've all seen in countless other shows. Seriously, as TD said in his review, if you've seen any young boy protagonist, you've already seen Tommy. His parents don't have much to offer and are unmemorable, and his brother Donnie is your typical one-dimensional bully.

Lola, Tommy's friend who secretly has a crush on him, is...a girl. Yeah, from what I've seen, that's all I can really say to describe her. She does have a cute voice, though. There's also Tommy's other friend Gus. Gus is the only one of the main characters I would say I genuinely dislike. He's extremely annoying, crude, and egocentric; he is just a real nuisance to watch.

Dr. Kamikazi is a typical maniacal villain bent on world domination. He can be entertaining sometimes, but he's rather one-note. I don't particularly care for how he treats his sidekick Constantine. I know it sounds weird to complain about a super-villain being an asshole, but I find his cruel treatment of Constantine to be rather unpleasant, perhaps because they made Constantine a little too likeable. The only other recurring villain from the first season is Björn Bjornson. I really hate him, mainly because of his annoying and exaggerated accent. Every second with him is borderline grating.

The animation style is pretty flat and average for the most part, although I will admit that the action scenes are decent enough. The plots of the episodes are pretty average most of the time, and it does get kind of old to see Kamikazi in almost every adventure.

As far as comedy goes, the show is extremely hit-or-miss. Sometimes the humor is cringeworthy, other times it's actually kind of funny. I laughed A LOT more often than I did when watching "Squirrel Boy", so I will at least give it that. The musical score is actually pretty good, even if there is little variation to it.

If there's anything I particularly like about what I've seen from the show, it's Professor Moshimo. He's a pretty fascinating character. I enjoyed his involvement in the episode "War and Pieces", particularly the scene where he stayed calm while repairing Robot Boy even though Kamikazi and his army were attacking. He knew that maintaining his composure was important, because freaking out would not save the day or get Robot Boy fixed.

Before I give my closing thoughts, does anybody else find it extremely annoying when Tommy calls Robot Boy "Ro"? Seriously? That's his nickname? Ro? That's like calling Samurai Jack "Sam"!

In conclusion, this cartoon is not terrible, but it isn't really that good either. I planned on watching the first two seasons to get half of the series watched to get a decent perspective of it, but the show just isn't holding my interest enough to go on any further. It's an average show that I'm probably going to mostly forget about in a couple of days. It isn't as bad as TwistedDanns says it is, and it isn't as bad as "Squirrel Boy", but it still isn't really worth your time.

That's a wrap for this episode of "Forgotten Cartoons". To my couple of watchers and anyone else reading this, do you have any requests for what forgotten cartoons you want me to do a review on? Leave it in the comments!

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