The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Creator(s) Thurop Van Orman
Seasons 3
Episodes 46
Running Time 22 Minutes
First Episode January 2, 2008
Final Episode August 30, 2010

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is an American animated television show on Cartoon Network. Unlike some shows, Flapjack is an Emmy award winning television show.


Flapjack is a young boy raised in a talking whale named Bubbie. Flapjack leads a peaceful life until the duo rescued a pirate by the name of Captain K'nuckles, who tells Flapjack of Candied Island. Inspired by the adventurous pirate, Flapjack, Captain K'Nuckles, and Bubbie get into strange predicaments and "misadventures" in search of Candied Island and the coveted title of "Adventurer." The three spend most of their time in Stormalong Harbor, where they earn money, eat candy, and have adventures.

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Flapjack Bubbie
  • Cartoon Network Bio: He's an excitable, adventure-loving boy who was raised by Bubbie, a talking whale. Despite her warnings, Flapjack is spellbound by K'nuckles' stories and has set his sights on becoming a real ADVENTURER.
  • Voice Actor(s): Thurop Van Orman
Captain K'nuckles
  • Cartoon Network Bio: K'nuckles is a washed-up, old sailor who claims to be the greatest pirate the world has ever known. He's always telling over-the-top tales of his adventures and getting Flapjack wrapped up in his high seas hijinks.
  • Voice Actor(s): Brian Doyle Murray
Bubbie Bubbie
  • Cartoon Network Bio: Bubbie is like an over-protective mother to Flapjack. She prefers the safety of Stormalong Harbor to the dangers of the open seas, but Bubbie is always there for Flapjack, no matter what kind of trouble K'nuckles gets him into.
  • Voice Actor(s): Roz Ryan

# Title Main Cast Absent Original Air Date Code
01 Several Leauges Under the Sea June 5, 2008 101
Flapjack brags so much that Bubbie is the fastest and gets Bubbie into a race with an inventor who uses delinquents to power his invention. Flapjack, angry, then challenges the Inventor to a race to see who's the faster ship.
02 Eye Sea You! June 5, 2008 102
Bubbie starts to feel left out of Flapjack and K'nuckles enjoy their adventures together, instead she starts "peeping" on others conversations and gossip about it. Flapjack tells Bubbie what she's doing is wrong and she says she'll stop, but continues anyway. After confrontation, Bubbie finally admits that she's very lonely that Flapjack and K'nuckles go on adventures while she stays in waters at all times. They all make up and all begin to "peep" together.
03 Kid Nickles June 12, 2008 103
K'nuckles bets—and wins— Flapjack in a poker game, resulting in the two falling out. K'nuckles also wins a new cabin boy named Kid Nickels, named after the two nickles he has. The two get along well, leaving Flap behind. Flap asks what appears to be a a brave adventurer to be his new mentor, but it turns out to be The Businessman returning from a costume party. Flapjack learns the banking trade, gets a complete image makeover including new suit, a haircut, much to Flap's chargrin, and a bath to wash off all the candy grime and stickyness and dirt from pesantry and poop from falling on his face alot, but is still upset about losing his captain. K'nuckles has a falling out with Kid Nickels and attempts to take Flap back, but The Businessman challenges him to a wrestling match. While they are fighting, the bank gets robbed. It turns out to be Kid Nickels, whose woeful love of money convinces The Businessman to take him as an apprentice, leaving Flapjack to K'nuckles.
  • Note: The scene in which K'nuckles is playing poker was removed in Austrailia
04 The Sweet Life June 12, 2008 104
K'nuckles and Flapjack befriend and rich lady in order to steal her candy from her mansion.
  • Note: This is the first episode in which Bubbie does not appear.
05 Several Leauges Above The Sea June 19, 2008 105
Flapjack finds out that Bubbie would like to be a bird, and then The Professer crashes and he showed Flapjack the plan for "The Grand Flying Contraption". Captain K'nuckles thinks that the Professer is a weirdo. Flapjack and the Professer then builds The Grand Flying Contraption, and Bubbie is "the important passanger". Bubbie then finds out that the Professer loves her, and he then goes to the bottom of the contraption. Then his brother/enemy comes in Whoosh, and they go back to Stormalong Harbor, and turns out, that both the "Grand Flying Contraption" and Whoosh get destroyed.
06 That's a Wrap! June 19, 2008 106
In a scheme to trade wrappers with Peppermint Larry in exchange for candy, K'nuckles and Flapjack learn that a special wrapper marked with an "x" (which Larry desires) points the way to Candied Island.
07 Shave and a Haircut...Two Friends! June 26, 2008 107
When Captain K'nuckles believes he has found a map to Candied Island, he wants Flapjack to read it in order to reach their destination. However, Flapjack (in dire need of a haircut) cannot. They go to Doctor Barber for a haircut, only to find that the barber has stolen the map.
08 Cammie Island June 26, 2008 108
Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack stow away on a ship that they believe will take them to Candied Island. Instead, they end up on the mysterious Cammie Island; Flapjack befriends the misunderstood (and lonely) monster of the island.
09 Skooled July 3, 2008 109
When Flapjack thinks he's unable to tell directions, he and K'nuckles decide to go to school. But K'nuckles finds himself unable to keep up with the other students and later plans to steal the candy rewards that the teacher gives out. However, he finds out something strange about the school.
10 Snarked July 3, 2008 110
When Flapjack thinks he's unable to tell directions, he and K'nuckles decide to go to school. But K'nuckles finds himself unable to keep up with the other students and later plans to steal the candy rewards that the teacher gives out. However, he finds out something strange about the school.
11 Foot Burn July 3, 2008 111
Flapjack and Captain K'nuckles suffer from a severe case of foot burn (sunburned feet) after sleeping in the sun. On their quest to treat it, they discover a hideous trolley driver whom K'nuckles knew from his past.



The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack recived mixed reviews. The show was praised by viewers, because of its memorable characters and creativity. But, was bashed by some reviewers due to its lack of comedy.

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