Time Squad
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Welcome to "Forgotten Cartoons" everyone. For this episode, I have decided to review a cartoon that I have not seen since it stopped airing on Cartoon Network: "Time Squad".

"Time Squad" was created by Dave Wasson and ran on Cartoon Network from June 2001 until November 2003 with 2 seasons under its belt. It takes place in the far distant future and follows the adventures of an orphan named Otto Osworth, officer Buck Tuddrussel, and the robot Larry 3000. They work together as "time cops" who travel back in time attempting to correct the course of history. Throughout the series, they meet many historical figures from many different time periods and centuries who have taken a drastically different course of life than history dictates. The mission of the Time Squad is to guide these figures onto the correct path and ensure the integrity of the future.

I thought that this would be an interesting one to do, as I do have fond memories of watching it when I was little. The only animation critics on YouTube who have brought attention to this show are BlackCriticGuy, who had this as an honorable mention on his "Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Network Shows" list, and ToonGal12, who did a top 10 favorite episodes list for this show. I re-watched the entire first season of this show over the course of about 48 hours, and I thought it was pretty good. This was an entertaining show with qualities that I appreciated.

The show has a unique concept, and it is utilized quite well. There have been many creative scenarios over the course of the series. They include Eli Whitney building flesh-eating robots instead of cotton, Leonardo da Vinci being a hippie, Abraham Lincoln playing pranks on the townspeople, Julius Caesar being a complete wimp, Ludwig van Beethoven becoming a wrestler, Edgar Allan Poe being giddy and cheerful, Winston Churchill leading all of England into being naked, and many, many more.

The show uses these concepts for comedy, and a lot of them manage to provide some good laughs. However, at the same time, it also manages to be quite educational with how it presents the information and facts about these historical figures.

I also really enjoy the three main characters. Otto Osworth is a likable character, but we get a lot of the comedy from Tuddrussel and Larry 3000. Tuddrussel is a lot of fun to watch because of his inflated ego, his air-headedness, his aggressive nature, and a lot of funny one-liners, and Larry 3000's exasperated and annoyed attitude toward him makes for a good foil (I also love that he was voiced by Mark Hamill).

The episodes often begin with a slice-of-life scene between the three characters at their satellite headquarters going about their day before they go on their mission. Sometimes these scenes relate to the plot that is to come, and sometimes they don't, but they are usually pretty entertaining.

In terms of animation, the show isn't anything too special. The character designs are alright, but the way backgrounds are drawn isn't really the best. There are actually some instances where the sets and other objects in the background look somewhat amateurish. However, it is rather easy to look past it when you're along for the ride.

All in all, I think "Time Squad" is a good show. Not every episode is a winner, but most of them are. While not one of Cartoon Network's best, it's still enjoyable for any age and it's certainly a whole lot better than "Squirrel Boy". I suggest digging this up from the pile of forgotten cartoons and giving it a watch.

That's a wrap for this episode of "Forgotten Cartoons". To my couple of watchers and anyone else reading this, do you have any requests for what forgotten cartoons you want me to do a review on? Leave it in the comments!

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