League of Super Evil
Full Name Voltar
Personal Information
Race Unknown
Gender ♂ Male
Hair Color      Unknown
Eye Color      Unknown
Alignment Bad

Voltar is a villain and the protagonist of the cartoon series League of Super-Evil.  Also known as Supreme Commander, but usually just called Voltar by the other L.O.S.E. members, Voltar is the leader of the group.

Role Edit

Voltar is described as an evil maniacal genius, but his dreams of power are constantly thwarted by a variety of factors; usually his arrogance, his paranoia, his neurosis, the incompetence of his subordinates and often his own childish demeanour as well as his plans are more irritating than evil. He is prone to verbose rantings accompanied by dramatic hand gestures.

When he is not wearing his full costume, it is shown that Voltar has abnormally pale skin. He also has eyes that are all-over black with glowing yellow irises, even without his helmet. While his actual age is unclear (He suffers from Napolean complex; he kept his small size into adulthood), he has been shown to be at least old enough to rent an apartment on his own. Although his schemes usually end in disaster, he did achieve a world record of sorts: most failed attempts at breaking an evil record. Voltar is arrogant and haughty, looking down on his teammates who nevertheless have a certain (though limited) amount of respect for his authority.

In a Season 2 short, it is revealed Voltar keeps a monster under his bed made by Frogg to scare away the tooth fairy. Also, in Season 2, it is revealed Voltar keeps an old superhero cape he's named Mr. Wubby as a blanket. It is revealed in "Once Upon A LOSE" that he used to a hall moniter at a school for superchildren, but being shunned from a place in the Legion of Glory turned him to darkness and his first evil deed was ruining a prom at the school.

Trivia Edit

  • Voltar is voiced by Scott McNeil.
  • He appears to be named after the philosopher Voltaire.
  • Voltar keeps a pet iguana as revealed in "The Night Before Chaos-mas"
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