OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes
Full Name Wilhamena Mettle
Personal Information
Race Vampire
Gender ♀ Female
Alignment Good

Wilhamena Mettle is a character from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. She is the vampire wife of Bernard and the mother of Enid who first appeared in "Parents Day". She lives in a haunted mansion/house along with Enid and Bernard, which is considered a spooky household of theirs.

Physical Appearance Edit

Wilhamena is a tall and beautiful dark-skinned vampire with knee-length curly dark blue hair red eyes, two sharp fangs, long dark nails, and an hourglass figure.

She is seen wearing a long magenta dress, red shiny jewelry, and dark lipstick.

Personality Edit

Wilhamena is an affectionate mother with Enid, who for many times is ashamed of Rad and K.O., she is very welcoming to them and doesn't seem to notice her daughter is embarrassed by her behavior. She is excited to talk about Enid's photo album and her moments growing up.

She seemed very worried at first when she discovered that her daughter was a ninja rather than a witch, but in the end, she was proud of her for it, since she discovered that ninjas can be very spooky too.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Like any vampire, Wilhamena manages to turn into a bat and she also has the power to suck souls from bodies. By doing that, she was able to take out the ghosts possessing the bodies of Rad and K.O..

Trivia Edit

  • Wilhamena's design was a combined effort of Danny Ducker and Stevie Borbolla.
  • Wilhamena works as a lawyer.
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