—One of Wilt's catch phrases

Personal Information
Race Imaginary Friend
Gender ♂ Male
Height 10'0"
Weight 130 lbs.
Likes Basketball, Apologizing, Helping others
Dislikes Mean people

Wilt Michaels is one of the main characters in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends series.


Wilt was created by Jordan Michaels in a very bad neighborhood in Harlem, New York. Michael wasn't a very good player at his youth, so he created Wilt to help him out with his basketball skills. They were both unbeatable in the neighborhood, until a mean kid and his imaginary friend beat them mercifuless. Because of that one game, Wilt lost his arm and got a damaged eye. Wilt later ran away, until he found Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, where they took him in to find a place to live.

He is an optimistic imaginary friend who is very kind and friendly. Wilt was named after the legendary basketball player Wilt Chamberlain. He wears old school styled basketball sneakers - which make his footsteps squeak like he's on a basketball court when he walks around - a red, white and blue sweatband on his wrist, and the number one on his chest like on a basketball jersey. Wilt is also known for his habit of almost constantly apologizing for no good reason (usually before he speaks, he says "I'm sorry but," and sometimes asks "Is that okay?" at the end).

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Wilt is generally a pushover, although he does have his dignity and will stand up for himself past a certain point. In Room with the Feud, a new bedroom was available and he was quite insistent that he deserved it being that the room was very large with basketball wallpaper and two basketball hoops and even a scoreboard. Bloo attempted to fake sadness, in an attempt to coax Wilt into giving Bloo the room, stating: "But Wilt, you'll hurt my feeeeewiiiings!" Wilt responds with: "You know, I thought about that. And, the thing is... I really don't care." In another episode, Beat with a Schtick, he refused to help Bloo after he discovered he was making fun of tall people. In Bus the Two of Us, Mac and Bloo ask Wilt to distract Frankie while they are out on the Foster's bus taking a joyride. After several attempts to keep Frankie in the house, Wilt screams into the phone, "Two minutes! You have two minutes before Frankie leaves the house and there's nothing I can do to stop her, Mac! I am trapped in a tangled web of lies and I can't do it anymore! I tried, I really tried, but it's too much okay?! It's too much! The Wilt man is signing off. You are on your own, Mister!" He then slams down the phone, then picks it up to say, "Sorry." In Squeeze the Day he apparently got all of Foster's banned from the beach after some unknown accident involving homeless jellyfish and lots of sand.
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